If your drain is clogged, frozen pipes may be the reason

Sometimes the signs of a frozen pipe comes from what seems to be a drain clogged with ice.

Residents in Slinger, West Bend, Cedarburg, and all around the midwest may be experiencing the same problem.  Frozen Pipes.

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You may think your entire plumbing system is in perfect working order and there is little or no chance of a pipe bursting and flooding your house. There is one situation, however, you may not have considered. Water that freezes during the winter in an unprotected pipe expands, and that expansion can rupture an otherwise sound pipe.
A frozen pipe is always an inconvenience, but it can actually result in a much more serious situation than just a temporary loss of water. By taking the proper preventive steps, you may never need to worry about thawing frozen pipes, or worse, repairing a pipe that bursts when the water in it freezes solid.

Here’s what to do if you wake up some frigid winter morning to find a water pipe frozen solid:

Step 1: Open faucet so steam produced by your thawing activities will be able to escape.
Step 2: Start thawing pipe (see pipe-thawing options below) at faucet, and work back toward other end of frozen section. As you melt ice, water and steam will come out open faucet. If you started in the middle, steam produced by melting ice could get trapped and build up enough pressure to burst the pipe.
Pipe-thawing options: There are several things you can do to thaw your home’s pipes. Here’s a list:
Probably the most popular and safest pipe-thawing option is to use hot water. Wrap and secure heavy towel or burlap bag around pipe to concentrate and hold heat against it. Place bucket under pipe to catch runoff water, then pour hot or boiling water over towel.
A less messy but far more dangerous heat source for thawing frozen pipes is a propane torch equipped with a flame-spreader nozzle. With this heat source, you must be extremely careful to prevent torch flame from damaging or igniting wall behind pipe. A scrap of fireproof material between pipe and wall is a good precautionary measure, but the way you use the torch is the main element in safe pipe thawing. Keep flame moving back and forth. Never leave it in one spot very long. Be especially careful if you’re near any soldered pipe joints. Pass over them very quickly or else they may melt and cause leaks, and you’ll find that you have a much more serious plumbing problem on your hands than a frozen pipe. Caution: Never use torch or other direct high heat on plastic pipe.
If you want to avoid the messiness of thawing with hot water and the danger of melting soldered joints with propane torch, try heat lamp or hair dryer as heat source. These work less quickly but are much safer.

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Signs that you may have a Sewer Drain Clog

Sewer drain clog is a very serious problem that can be considered a plumbing emergency.  Since the water has no place to go it will all come back up through the household plumbing in one way or another.

When you have a sewer drain clog you should not use any of the plumbing in the home until the stoppage is cleared.If you suspect that you have a sewer drain clog it is important to confirm this and clear it right away. There are several ways to verify a sewer drain clog.
Multiple fixtures are clogged A very obvious sign of a sewer drain clog is when more than one plumbing fixture back up at the same time. The toilets in particular are affected by this, but other fixtures can also be involved . If you suspect that you have a sewer drain clog start by checking other fixtures in the home.
Toilets have the most direct path to the sewer and the biggest drain line in the house ,so if there is a problem with the sewer drain you will notice it is here. It is rare to have a main line sewer stoppage and the toilet are working correctly.
Tub and shower are other drains typically affected by a main sewer line stoppage are those in the tub and shower . This is due to the that they sit lower down than say a sink drain.

Check whether the tub and shower drains are blocked if you suspect a sewer drain clog

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