Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

Keeping your home’s humidity levels in check can significantly improve the healthfulness and comfort of your home.

When it comes to feeling comfortable in your home, the old saying “it’s not the heat (or cold) – it’s the humidity” rings true. Other than ambient temperature, nothing affects a body’s perception of comfort more than the humidity level. And there’s a fairly narrow range between what is considered “too much” and “too little” of it.


A Whole-Home Humidifier will deliver the perfect amount of moisture to your air making you feel more comfortable at lower thermostat settings. In fact, the EPA states that you can save up to 4% on your heating bill for every degree you lower your thermostat!

TrueEASE™ HE300

Whole-home comfort
Say goodbye to waste and hello to efficiency with Honeywell’s TrueEASE™ Fan-Powered Humidifier. This humidifier will automatically monitor the dryness of your home and only run water when needed, saving thousands of gallons of water a year. That means saving you more money with reduced heating bills.

  • The versatile design of TrueEASE™ humidifiers allows for installation in any home, including townhomes and condos where it once was impossible.
  • Reduced heating bills
  • TrueEASE™ is installed by your heating and cooling professional into your home’s central heating and cooling system
  • Low maintenance
  • Five-year warranty
  • Professional installation
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Why do I need a whole-house dehumidifier?

Have you ever experienced any of the following uncomfortable and/or unhealthy conditions?

  • Do you have trouble sleeping at night due to clammy skin or stuffiness in the air?
  • Have you ever reduced the temperature setting because you’re uncomfortable with the stuffy feeling?
  • Have your floors or other surfaces ever felt sticky or “sweaty”?
  • Are you concerned with mold and mildew growth in your home?
  • Do you have musty odors or smells in any area of your home?
  • Do you have condensation on your water pipes?
  • Have you seen wet stains on walls or ceilings?
  • Do you or a family member have allergies (over-moist air can encourage the growth of mold, bacteria, and dust mites — three commonly known household allergens)?

Experiencing any of the above conditions can make sleeping and even daily activities miserable — plus some conditions can be hazardous to your family’s health or your home’s furnishing.

TrueDRY™ DR90

Removes 90 pints of moisture daily for greater comfort and energy savings
Do you have a moisture problem at home? Maybe it’s throughout the house or a problem area such as a finished basement. Our TrueDRY DR90 Whole House Dehumidifier is the answer. It can remove up to 90 pints of moisture per day from the entire house or a focused area. As moisture is removed, the humidifier delivers fresh, filtered air. The unit itself is unobtrusive, quiet and efficient. Even the maintenance is minimal because the dehumidifier drains automatically. The more you realize you have a moisture problem, you more you become aware of the solution — the TrueDRY DR90 Whole House Dehumidifier.

  • Removes up to 90 pints of moisture per day
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Increased comfort and energy savings
  • Delivers fresh, filtered air in the home
  • Less moisture in the home reduced the strain on your air conditioner and also allows you to set your thermostat higher to run your air conditioner less
  • Can remove moisture evenly throughout the entire home or focus specifically on problem areas that can lead to costly renovations
  • Unlike portable units, Honeywell whole-house dehumidifiers provide unobtrusive, quiet and efficient operation
  • Professional installation
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Why should I buy a whole-house dehumidifier instead of purchasing a portable model?

  • Treat the whole house, not just one area
  • Up to FOUR times more energy efficient than the leading portable models
  • Quiet operation
  • Hassle-free maintenance, no need to empty buckets of water
  • No unsightly and noisy portable units in finished areas

Why air conditioners are NOT the solution

Air conditioners were designed to provide sensible cooling and are controlled by sensible temperature — not humidity levels. Trying to use the air conditioner to remove moisture only makes the home uncomfortably cool.
As a result the home still contains trapped moisture. Coupled with today’s tight building practices, the result is a stuffy environment that is both uncomfortable and unhealthy.