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Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance

It may not seem like it, but summer will be here before you know it.  With summer coming hot humid days are ahead.  Spring is the best time to get your annual maintenance done on your AC unit.

Air Conditioning Repair, Air Conditioning Replacement, Air Conditioning ServiceThe most important thing you can do as far as maintenance is changing your air filters.  This is an easy service you can perform yet it has a huge impact on the efficiency of your system.  Check to make sure the condenser drain line for your HVAC is clear.  Having a blocked drain can cause water damage and also damage the condenser itself.  Take a look around the unit (if it is outside) and make sure that it is clear of brush and debris that can cause it to overheat.

You can also give the unit a more thorough cleaning with your garden hose.

Turn off the air conditioner’s power source. You can usually find the power shut off box near the unit itself. If you can’t find the power box, turn off the unit from the breaker box.

Use your shop vac or heavy duty vacuum cleaner to remove grass clippings and other smaller pieces of debris.

Use your regular garden hose to wash away the remaining dirt and debris

After the water has washed away, inspect your condenser fins for damage. If your fins are bent in large areas, call your HVAC contractor, but if the damage is minimal, you can straighten them out yourself with a fin comb.

If you notice that your unit seems to need a more deep cleaning.  you can wash the condenser unit from the inside out.  This requires removing the top of the unit and its fan assembly.

Check to see if the drain line is clear.

That covers the more simple spring maintenance that you can do.  It is recommended also that you schedule a professional tune-up.  This will assure that your air conditioning unit is running at top efficiency.  Our HVAC technicians can spot issues before they become a problem.  Your best option would be to sigh up for our ENERGY SAVINGS AGREEMENT.

Energy Saving Agreements

Home comfort systems need to be regularly maintained to optimize their efficiency and safety. A regular checkup and adjustment will keep the system operating longer and save you money on your utility bills. Horsch & Miller can tailor a maintenance program for you with anywhere from one- to three-year plans to keep your equipment running efficiently and virtually trouble-free.

When you sign up for an Energy Savings Agreement, you will have peace of mind knowing your comfort system is running smoothly and will be operating when it is needed most. As an ESA customer, you will receive discounts on repairs and NO OVERTIME charges on after hours emergency repairs. You will be considered a preferred customer and get priority status for scheduling. These agreements are a wise investment in preventive maintenance to avoid “surprise” problems.


Preparing an outside Air conditioner for winter

During the upcoming winter, you may want to winterize your air conditioning unit to protect it from the cold weather, snow and ice.  A few things can be done to keep it free of rust and in top working condition.

Air Conditioning Repair, Air Conditioning Replacement, Air Conditioning ServiceOpen the lid to the air conditioning circuit and turn it off.  This prevents the unit from turning on during an unusually warm winter day and keeps water out of the unit that can possible freeze.

Use a hose to remove bugs, dirt, grass and leaves from the unit.  allow it to dry.

Insulate exterior exposed pipes with foam pipe covers to insulate them and protect them from freezing temperatures.

Cover the HVAC unit with a vinyl or plastic waterproof cover, secure it with bungee cords to keep it secure.

Regularly clear water, ice and snow from the unit during the winter.

Winterizing your HVAC unit can help keeping it running in top condition for years to come.

Air Conditioning Tip

It’s no secret that summer cooling costs can quickly break the bank. In addition to ensuring your air conditioner is the correct size, reducing energy costs can be done in a variety of ways. It is recommended that once you turn your air conditioner on, you leave it on. Flipping it from on to off and back again is a waste of energy, and will cost you money. In addition to leaving the AC on, we recommend keeping the fan on your unit turned on as well. The fan is what distributes air throughout your home, creating an even cycle of air flow. Moving the air continuously prevents your unit from turning off and on frequently and creates a higher indoor air quality which in the long run saves you money.