Heat and humidity can affect the outdoor unit or condenser in that the heavier, moist air can carry larger amounts of dirt, dust and debris, which can settle in the unit’s coils and fins. Long and irregular run times can also result in excess wear to the physical unit.

So, how can you take care of your outdoor equipment? Cleaning the outdoor unit yourself with a simple garden hose and possibly a coil cleaner can benefit the system operation in two ways.  First, removing dirt and debris allows the system to work more efficiently and may even contribute to lower utility bills. Second, misting cools the air that passes through the condenser coils for a period of time, allowing it to absorb more heat and cool your home more efficiently.  Indoor home comfort is an important consideration in all seasons, but especially when extreme weather sets in during the summer or winter months. Understanding how humidity contributes to your comfort will help you decide on a system to manage the humidity in your environment.

Air Conditionin repair and services in Slinger, West Bend, Jackson WiIf your air conditioning system is working efficiently, it will remove the proper amount of heat and moisture from your living area, resulting in the comfortable environment you want. If not, you may not achieve the comfort level you desire for your home, regardless of the temperature setting you are using.

When humidity is high, it makes sense that A/C systems have to work harder to keep the home cool. If you’re dealing with an older, inefficient or wrong-sized system, it may not be able to handle the job. Your home may end up feeling warmer than it actually is because the air is holding extra moisture that isn’t being properly removed. What’s more, the system will be working longer and harder without providing the desired result. This adds wear to the unit and can result in higher utility bills.

It’s important to know that a larger capacity air conditioning system will not necessarily produce the cooling effect that you want in your home. It’s imperative that your system is sized properly for your unique home by an air conditioning professional.  The choice between oversized capacity to meet full demand on the hottest day of the year or a right-sized cooling unit that will save money and deliver better comfort all year long may seem difficult, but consider this. If on the hottest day of the year when it’s 102 outside with 90 percent humidity, a right-sized central air conditioner may only be able to achieve 78 degrees indoors. Studies have shown that occupants are agreeable to higher indoor temperatures when the humidity is controlled. You may feel even better when you receive a monthly electric bill that doesn’t leave you hot and bothered.

An even better option may be to have a dehumidifier installed into your home

Why air conditioners are NOT the solution

Air conditioners were designed to provide sensible cooling and are controlled by sensible temperature — not humidity levels. Trying to use the air conditioner to remove moisture only makes the home uncomfortably cool.
As a result the home still contains trapped moisture. Coupled with today’s tight building practices, the result is a stuffy environment that is both uncomfortable and unhealthy.

Why should I buy a whole-house Aprilaire dehumidifier instead of a portable model?

  • Treat the whole house, not just one area
  • Up to FOUR times more energy efficient than the leading portable models, the Aprilaire 1750 is rated at a capacity of 90 pints of water per day
  • Quiet operation
  • Hassle-free maintenance, no need to empty buckets of water
  • No unsightly and noisy portable units in finished areas
  • Comes with MERV8 filter included

Indoor Air Quality is not just about your home’s air. It’s about your family’s health.

What does your home’s heating and cooling system have to do with your health? Surprisingly, quite a bit. As anyone who has ever suffered in a house that’s full of allergens, too hot, cold, humid or dry can attest, the air conditions inside your home can have big effects on your physical comfort and mental well being. But did you know Indoor Air Quality has very real effects on your health?

Energy Saving Agreements

Home comfort systems need to be regularly maintained to optimize their efficiency and safety. A regular checkup and adjustment will keep the system operating longer and save you money on your utility bills. Horsch & Miller can tailor a maintenance program for you with anywhere from one- to three-year plans to keep your equipment running efficiently and virtually trouble-free.

When you sign up for an Energy Savings Agreement, you will have peace of mind knowing your comfort system is running smoothly and will be operating when it is needed most. As an ESA customer, you will receive discounts on repairs and NO OVERTIME charges on after hours emergency repairs. You will be considered a preferred customer and get priority status for scheduling. These agreements are a wise investment in preventive maintenance to avoid “surprise” problems.

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