West Bend Bathroom Remodeling

Horsch & Miller is here to assist you in your remodeling venture. From the smallest to the biggest of kitchen & bath remodels, we can oversee and coordinate all the necessary sub-contractors so that you don’t need to worry about the different phases of the project. We will keep the project moving and inform you of the progress so that you won’t be inconvenienced any longer than Shower Remodeling, bathroom remodeling, Slinger, Jackson, Wi, Cedarburgnecessary. We also understand that remodeling can be a messy ordeal; we will strive to keep the area as clean as possible throughout the entire project.

We feel that as a homeowner you are entitled to have quality workmanship with the best available materials. You also deserve to have someone who is reliable and trustworthy and who will have respect for your home when it is entrusted to us.