Humidity and your HVAC


Heat and humidity can affect the outdoor unit or condenser in that the heavier, moist air can carry larger amounts of dirt, dust and debris, which can settle in the unit’s coils and fins. Long and irregular run times can also result in excess wear to the physical unit. So, how can you take care

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Emergency Furnace Repair 24 hours 7 days a week


When you need us… Day or Night… 24-Hour Reliable Emergency Service You can’t schedule the next time your furnace breaks.     24/7 Service Guarantee An owner, master plumber or heating specialist will return all emergency calls within 15 minutes or your service call is FREE! Call us today at (262) 644-5466. Horsch & Miller

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Slinger Boiler Repair


Boiler Repair and Replacement Services by Horsch & Miller will do their best to send a serviceman out as soon as possible to repair or replace your boiler and get your heat up and running as quickly as possible. Our well-trained, licensed HVAC technicians are ready to serve your needs. We provide reliable 24-hour emergency

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Bathroom Remodeling Services


Horsch & Miller is here to assist you in your remodeling venture. From the smallest to the biggest of kitchen & bath remodels, we can oversee and coordinate all the necessary sub-contractors so that you don’t need to worry about the This walk-in tub, which was specifically designed to allow the user to enter

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24 Hour Plumbing Repair


24/7 Service Guarantee. An owner, or master plumber will return all emergency calls within 15 minutes or your service call is FREE! Both financially and emotionally, your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. You should enjoy many years of happiness in it. However, like almost everything else, a home needs regular

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Air Conditioning doesn’t turn on or isn’t working?


Most of todays air conditioners are designed to offer up to 20 years of use. But even the most reliable of air conditioners and central air units may stop cooling or suffer from problems. One of the best ways to prevent unexpected A/C problems is to have regular maintenance performed on your unit.  Home comfort

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