Sump Pump Problems

Sump pumps that run all the time will wear out fast and cost more in electricity. Sump pumps will run in intervals, turning on from time to time only as needed.

Sump pumps will run continuously for three primary reasons:

Stuck Sump Pump Switches

Sump pumps turn on and off based on the operation of a special “float switch”. When water rises in the sump pump pit, the switch floats upwards, naturally turning the sump on when it reaches a certain level.

These float switches sometimes get stuck on the “on” setting. This happens most of the time when the sump switch becomes clogged, jammed, or the switch becomes tangled in the system. In some cases, the vibrations of the sump pump as it runs can cause it to begin to lean on the edge of the sump pit or liner, disabling the sump pump switch.

If your sump pump switch is clogged or in need of replacement, a basement sump pump service call is needed. A tech should be able to bring the sump back to working order

Sump Pump and/or Liner is Too Small or too Large

If your sump pump is running nonstop, it may be that the pump is too small for the application it’s being applied to. that will make the sump is forced to run continuously, which can lead to its breaking down sooner than a larger, more powerful sump. It may be worth your while to upgrade your sump pump to reduce noise and increase efficiency.

Sump Pump Check Valve is Missing or Not Working

If a sump pump check valve is not installed on the discharge line, water that is not pumped past the point where it begins to run downhill again will simply flow back down and reenter your sump pit- generally one third to two thirds of the total water pumped. This means that the sump pump will try to pump it out again and it will end up back in the pit again and again. Until the water is gone, this process will repeat nonstop.

The easy solution is to install a sump pump check valve in your system. It’s an easy and inexpensive fix, but neglecting it can mean a worn-out sump pump that can no longer keep the basement dry.