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Common Furnace Problems

Here are a couple of issues that may cause your furnace to fail in the winter

Wear and TearPlumbing, Heating, Heating contractors, air conditioning, Slinger

If you are running your furnace all winter, usual wear and tear is expected.  Strain on the belts and bearings can cause the furnace to overheat and malfunctions with the fan motors can cause air flow issues.

Air Filters

Dirt and bacteria can build up and cause air flow issues within your heating system.  Make sure you replace the air filter monthly.

No Maintenance

An annual furnace check up helps your system run more efficiently and can lengthen the life of the furnace.  Catching small problems before they become big problems can safe money.

Is your Furnace Ready for Winter?

As the temperatures begin to drop it is always a good time to make sure your furnace is ready for the upcoming winter. Your furnace has been dormant over the past summer, right now is a good time to make sure your furnace is ready for the cold weather.

Check and change your filter.

Switch your thermostat from cooling to heating.

Take out window screens and install storm windows.

Inspect your chimney.

You should looking for obstructions, and soot buildup, as it can be a dangerous fire hazard. If your chimney hasn’t been inspected in a long time, call a professional to check it and clean the ducts.

Make sure the burners are free of debris and dust.

Dust can accumulate during the summer. it’s very important to check and clean the furnace burners before the start of the colder seasons. While cleaning the burners, check for signs of misalignment and rust.

Oil the furnace blower if needed.

The furnace blower motor plays a big role in how your heating system functions. It should be oiled once a year and it shouldn’t make any unusual noises when started.

Make sure your thermostat is working properly.

Turn on your thermostat and see how it responds, it should start up immediately without any problems.

Make sure heating vents are uncovered.

Make sure that nothing is blocking your heating vents. Blocked vents are not only useless since heat can’t get out, but they can also drive your heating up.

Cleaning Ducts or Vents

The hot air from your furnace is blown out through ducts or vents. First, clean the vent exterior by giving the surface a good wipe, and then check if there are any objects inside the vent creating a blockage.

Consider Installing a Programmable Thermostat

You can save a lot on your energy bills by installing a programmable thermostat. This device will enable you to set the level of temperature of the furnace according to varying conditions. For instance, you can program the thermostat to increase the temperature during bedtime, and automatically lower it when you have left the house.